Do you need an Electric Meat Grinder?

Electric Meat Grinders--A life-saver! Eventually everyone gets tired of turning that crank on the meat grinder & they start looking for a way to save some time

There are a number of good electric meat grinders available. They are virtually all made in other countries because we have been so spoiled by the meat processors in this country. They make just about anything for us.
That's just the problem, some of us are not satisfied with the way things are being handled by the meat processors. We'd just as soon do things ourselves so that we know what we're eating. Well, the best way to process meat and sausage ourselves is with an electric meat grinder.
There are many sizes available depending on your own needs.

If you really don't need a large electric meat grinder, there is a great small grinder made by a company called Weston. It is really well made and has exceptional power for such a small machine. As a matter of fact, the motor is so powerful that the grinder is available with a #8 head (almost as big as a #12) instead of a #5 head which is offered on almost all the smaller electric grinders. This head offers more choices of grinding texture as well as more capacity. So if you are needing a smaller machine, this is the one for you!
By the way, there is also a vegetable shredder kit available for it.

There is a big jump in the selling price for the next level of machine. This is because these machines are semi-commercial electric grinders and are required to grind lots of meat rather quickly. They are usually equipped with a #12 head and the better quality electric grinders can grind 3 - 6 lbs of meat per minute. There are 2 models that deserve attention in this area. One is a high quality machine made by Mesko who also makes the smaller machine discussed earlier. It's called the EM-12 and it is a great machine for the kitchen. It is so well engineered that it only weighs 28 lbs even though it has a 2/3 hp motor. The head is stainless steel and it has two-speeds plus a pulse setting. This allows you grind at a faster speed and then slow it down or even pulse the meat for stuffing sausage. A sausage stuffing tube is included.

A more powerful electric meat grinder is the American Eagle Meat Grinder. It is much heavier than the Mesko ( 70 lbs) but has a handle on the top to aid in moving the grinder. Weight is not all bad on a machine that doesn't get moved around a lot. It allows you to fill the larger meat pan and push down on it without tipping the machine. The American Eagle has a forward and reverse speed (Please wait until it stops before you reverse it) and a re-settable circuit breaker. The motor is 1 hp so there's plenty of power to do whatever you wish. The head, the auger, the knife and plate are all stainless steel. Rust is no longer an issue with those electric meat grinders. This is a commercial machine but it is also a really a great electric meat grinder for the average sportsman and farmer or rancher. As a matter of fact, deer hunters will really like the fact that a tenderizer head can be mounted on the powerplant that powers the grinder head.

A much more powerful and higher capacity electric meat grinder is the American Eagle #22 electric meat grinder. This is a large, professional machine. If you need an all stainless steel meat grinder with a 1 1/2 hp motor, this one's for you! It also accepts the same Hobart accessories that it's younger brother does.
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